I’m the worst blogger ever. But in my defense, I have been writing! I’ve got a great MG fantasy set in the South that I’m almost done revising. And I contributed a short story to The Scribblers Club, which you can read here, if you’d like. But the reason you’re here–let’s be honest, the only reason anyone ever comes to this blog!–is to scour my PitchWars wish list. Right? Well, the wish list isn’t going up for a few weeks, but the one thing I can say that I’m mentoring MG this year with the fabulous Elly Blake, author of the forthcoming YA fantasy FROSTBLOOD. (If you haven’t pre-ordered it, do so now! It’s a wonderful, amazing book.) Other than that … I guess you’ll have to wait until the wishlists are live! (Also, to avoid any confusion, I’m going to take down last year’s wishlist, since I mentored YA.) Anyway. I can’t wait to read all your submissions! Good luck!